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Poorly organized Founders' Day more like flounders' day

Editor: I was very disappointed in having attended the Founders' Day Celebration, or should I say flounders' day event, April 25.

Booths, and so few, set up on the middle of the street left no room for the little band to march by. A generator was running so loudly that you could hardly hear the band as they marched by, let alone hear yourself or anyone else speak.

It is my understanding that at past events, booths that needed electric hook-up had that service provided. There certainly were not enough activities to provide adequate entertainment, or enough booths to attract or keep people busy.

I would suggest that whoever organized this event take a few lessons from the disbanded Olde Town Association. Better yet, have them organize and run it.

Mrs. James Williamson, Dunnellon

Benefit show a huge success

Editor: On April 25 a benefit car, truck and bike show was put on for the Ford family at the Plantation Inn. I would like to thank all the people who made this show a success. There were so many people in the background "slogging it out in the trenches" gathering donations and door prizes, traveling around a six-county area, making contact with car clubs, making arrangements for food, music, ice, tents, trash receptacles, etc. To all of them we say thank you. Your time and sweat labor made everything happen.

There were 80 cars, trucks, bikes, and dune buggies at the show and although there was a carnival atmosphere, no one really lost sight of why they were there; a Citrus County family in need.

We can only guess what the Ford family is going through at this time. Their journey is going to be hard, but it won't be lonely, not with the support, and prayers from the people in Citrus County.

On behalf of the Fords I want to thank everyone who helped make this benefit a success. Thank you and God bless.

Bob Cirnigliaro, Co-Trustee

Ford Family Trust, Crystal River