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JOHN CULLEN: The best news is that his cancer is in remission. The second-best is that the only No.

12 on the ice for the Lightning next season may be his, and that the shamrock patches his teammates wore will be a thing of the past.

MALCOLM GLAZER: If he'd wondered why Tampa Bay had fallen in love again with his Buccaneers, he needed to look no farther than the office of vice president and general manager Rich McKay. He was very wise to reward the architect of his winning team for past _ and future _ services rendered.

ROLANDO ARROJO: Without Todd Walker in the lineup he might've no-hit the Twins. Okay, it's a stretch, but a three-hit shutout for the Devil Rays' first complete-game victory (and the end of their first slump) will do for now.


ESPN: The sports network chose to become a participant in the post-position draw for the Kentucky Derby, rather than just to cover it. It didn't look too good when its announcer, Chris Lincoln, turned the thoroughbred horse show into a dog-and-pony show.

THE KNICKS AND THE HEAT: It's the NBA championship you're playing for, guys, not the Stanley Cup.

PAT LIPINSKI: The mother of gold-medal skater Tara Lipinski whined that the U.S. Olympic team voted to have silver medalist Michelle Kwan present President Clinton with a team jacket. For starters, the team actually voted for Picabo Street (who couldn't make the trip because she's injured), with Kwan second and Lipinski third. More important, why spoil a good day, mom?

_ Bruce Lowitt