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They must have thought it was a hockey game

Often criticized for their boorish behavior, players got a kick out of watching fans act the fool during a recent game at Cinergy Field.

A brawl broke out in the front row on the third base side. One fan was hurled into the Phillies dugout and six beer-loaded fans were ejected from the stadium as players stopped the game to watch.

It was noted in the press box that fans showed up to see a baseball game and a Jerry Springer Show broke out.

The brawlers, it turned out, were from Hamilton, Ohio, the home of Phillies second baseman Mark Lewis. He was asked if he knew any of the revelers.

"Oh, yeah," Lewis said. "As soon as they lifted the dude's head off the dugout floor I recognized him."

DIM BULB AND A BROWNOUT: On the wall outside the Padres clubhouse is a 150-pound sign of the team's logo. At least it was on the wall during the first three weeks of Kevin Brown's career in San Diego.

The volatile pitcher _ or chucklehead, take your pick _ broke the sign in half and left the bolts dangling off the wall after a recent tantrum.

"I think we probably knew it would happen at some point," closer Trevor Hoffman said. "We had heard some of the stories, so we knew he had practice at it. Our job is to make sure he doesn't hurt himself."

CASEY MARTIN, BEWARE: Padres outfielder Mark Sweeney was not as lucky. Given a ride in a golf cart from the clubhouse to the players parking lot after a recent game, Sweeney was thrown from the cart and knocked unconscious when he hit his head on the pavement. He missed two games with a bruised shoulder.

"I was riding in the back, and when the driver went one way, I went the other," Sweeney said. "Luckily, I hit my head first. If I had stuck out my arm to break the fall, I would probably have broken my arm."