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The Secrets of Investing in Technology Stocks

By Edward Trapunski

(John Wiley & Sons, $27.95)

Canadian journalist Edward Trapunski covers both technology and financial services and institutions, and he combines the two in this book. The technology sector has generally doubled the performance of the Dow Jones industrial average in the past two decades, but with greater return comes greater risk, Trapunski warns. That said, he delves into a how-to book on investing in all forms of technology. The book is easy to read and includes many of his stock picks.

Seasonality: Systems, Strategies and Signals

By Jake Bernstein

(John Wiley & Sons, $55)

For this price, readers should hope to make money off this book, and that is the author's intent. Bernstein has written 30 books on futures and stock trading and publishes a weekly commodity trading newsletter. In this book, he tackles the overlooked and often misunderstood theory of seasonality. It's more than just the weather, Bernstein argues. He shows readers how to read the seasonal futures spread charts, how to combine seasonality with timing and other aspects of this method of buying and selling futures.

Pattern, Price & Timing: Using Gann Theory in Trading Systems

By James A. Hyerczyk

(John Wiley & Sons, $59.95)

Another expensive investment book, this one focuses on several elements of the theories of W.D. Gann, a mathematician who worked to create a perfect trading system. He was also one of the few to predict the 1929 stock market crash. Gann Theory is based on the use of specific geometric patterns and angles in predicting changes in stock prices. James Hyerczyk, a commodity trading adviser, tries to focus on the pattern, price and timing factors in Gann's theory to aid investors in their buying and selling.