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Question: I am currently involved in a dispute with my father over the actor who plays Sophie Weston in the new miniseries Tom Jones. He is under the impression she is also the actor who plays Edina's daughter on Absolutely Fabulous.

Answer: Collect your winnings. Actress Samantha Morton, 21, was Sophie in the Tom Jones miniseries. She's also had the title role in Jane Eyre, and was in last year's Emma, also on A&E. Julia Sawalha played daughter Saffron on the British comedy Absolutely Fabulous.

Question: There was a TV show on ABC called Relativity (1996-97). I especially loved the lead character named Leo. Can you tell me who this actor is and whether or not we will see him in anything soon?

Answer: David Conrad played Leo Roth on Relativity, a TV series from the producers of thirtysomething and My So-Called Life. Conrad has some feature films on his schedule. Look for him in Castle Rock's The Last Days of Disco, due in theaters May 8, and Force Majeure, with Anne Heche and Jada Pinkett, sometime this fall.

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