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X-Press x-perienced some technical difficulties last week with our Call Us question. The computer ate our homework! Or at least, when we recorded the question about television watching, it didn't take. So, if you called to talk about your TV viewing habits and got the wrong recording, or if you totally missed it the first time around, we're giving you ANOTHER CHANCE! We'll share some of the comments next week.

Here goes:

National TV-Turnoff Week, an event sponsored by a group called TV-Free America, ended several days ago. The group came up with the idea in the hope of steering Americans away from the tube. What do you think? Is kissing your TV-time goodbye a good idea? Or is television your best friend? Let us know by finding the TimesLine number for your area on Page 7D and entering category code 7600.

PRESS ONE for YES, TV-watching should be tamed.

PRESS TWO for NO, I can't live without my TV.