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What a Dream

What I like about baseball is when the batter gets up and waits for the ball. The ball comes dashing from the pitcher's hand, and the batter swings. He hits it with all the strength he has in him. The ball goes flying, flying and gone! It is a home run for the Devil Rays, and the crowd goes wild!! He runs like a swift cheetah, then goes in a flash to second base, goes like a speeding bullet to third and runs right over home plate. It is the end of the game, and the Devil Rays have their first victory.

They hustle to the outfield and throw the batter in the air. Then the pitcher winds up the ball and throws it. I catch the ball with my glove, and the ball starts glowing, but I just ignore it. Well, I rush to the bottom of the steps to get autographs on my ball. Everyone from the Devil Rays signs the ball.

Finally, I get home, and I'm really excited. I go to tell my mom and dad about what happened, and I say, "I caught the ... . . . " Suddenly, I wake up in my bed with sweat pouring all over. Then I say, being enthusiastic, "Wow, that was so real." I was scared to death when I found the ball with all the autographs beside my pillow.

Joey Juebler, 10

Bay Point Elementary, St. Petersburg

Ken Griffey Jr.

My favorite player is Ken Griffey Jr. He plays for the Mariners. I think he's the best hitter of all. I wish I could meet him. Do you have a favorite player? Do you think baseball is fun? I do.

Ciera Bennet, 9

San Jose Elementary, Safety Harbor