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Grapefruit League and Cactus League

Both refer to spring training. The former involves teams that train in Florida (where citrus fruits are grown) and the latter teams in Arizona.


Two games in one day. Sometimes it's two games for the price of one, sometimes a "day-night doubleheader" in which separate admissions are charged. Almost all doubleheaders now are the result of a postponement earlier in the season; one of the games is a "makeup game." But there was a time, 20 years ago and earlier, when teams scheduled several doubleheaders, usually on Sundays, to attract more fans to the ballpark. The first major-league doubleheader was played between Worcester and Providence, two National League teams, on Sept. 25, 1882. The word, originally used in the 1870s, referred to a train having two engines, or two trains traveling very close together. It first was used to describe baseball games in 1897.

Hit behind the runner

A basic strategy, to hit the ball to the right side of the field. It can be part of a hit-and-run play or with a runner on second it can move a runner to third, from which he might score on a grounder or a sacrifice fly.

Good stuff

What a pitcher has when he is in command of his pitches.


Source: The Dickson Baseball Dictionary.

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