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No offense to women intended

Re: Topless bars don't feed self images, letter, April 27.

My April 13 letter seems to have stirred up a few angry feelings with some of the ladies out there. I never meant to imply that all the men that come into the bar are married or have a girlfriend at home. Fact is, most of our customers are single; some are elderly and have long since lost their wives; some are just without a woman at home; and others, because of either social status or appearance, would not get the time of day from a pretty girl on the street.

As I said, there are lots of reasons why men stop in, and it's not for sex. I apologize to all women I may have offended in this misunderstanding. I myself have a wonderful wife of 23 years at home and don't need any outside compassion from other women, but I sure see a lot of men who do.

If I had the opportunity to go to college and become a self-respecting lawyer who takes 60 percent of someone else's pain and suffering, I might have, but I, too, was raised a Christian and believe you should not kick a man while he's down.

Paul A. Swikey Sr., Palm Harbor

Scientologists should be kinder

to Clearwater officials

Re: Scientologists praised for handling of Easter egg hunt, letter, April 30.

The last line of this letter reads: "The respect this group of people showed for Coachman Park should be commended."

I just wish the Scientologists would extend that same courtesy and reverence to Clearwater's excellent chief of police, Sid Klein; City Manager Michael Roberto; and the Times, who have all displayed tolerance beyond the call of duty for this alleged religious group that verbally stones them.

Merry Zarafonetis, Belleair Bluffs

Library is more important

than planting palm trees

Re: New library plans may be cut back, story, April 29.

I am outraged that the city plans to cut the budget for the new library in order to plant more palm trees on Gulf-to-Bay Boulevard. No matter how many palms are put on Gulf-to-Bay, it will still be just a busy street. Palm trees die; libraries live in the enrichment of a city's residents.

This city deserves and needs a first-class library. Check out Tarpon Springs' library, Dunedin's library. Largo's is superior to what is now Clearwater's main library.

Commissioner J.B. Johnson has it right: Pennies were voted for a library and a bridge. Cut the frills, not the library.

Rhoda L. Tritschler, Clearwater

Greek Orthodox church

stands against nightclub

I see where a new club, Froggy's, is going in at Bubba's old place and that the Planning and Zoning board is scheduled to consider a request for a permit today. We must stand up for our rights and once again protest the opening of still another nightclub next to church property.

When Bubba was granted a conditional-use permit, the commission did it over the objections of church members who had a right to object. A nightclub belongs in an entertainment area, not within view of a church and church school. I have been in the Clearwater area for 18 years, and no nightclub has been successful in that building. The only thing that was even close to successful was Chief Charlie's steakhouse many years ago.

Why don't these new operators look into past records and find out when there was a successful business in that building? Just as it was when Bubba was allowed to operate there, the only people to profit are the owners of the property, as the new operators will pay rent and taxes, whether it's for two months or two years.

So just as we did last year about this time, the Greek Orthodox church and its faithful members will have to argue to get the city to uphold the zoning laws in Clearwater.

Fran Glaros, Clearwater