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What Whitewater grand juries have done

Here are highlights from the Whitewater grand juries:

MARCH 23, 1994: First Whitewater grand jury is impaneled in Little Rock, Ark.

DEC. 6: Clinton friend and former Associate Attorney General Webster Hubbell pleads guilty to one count of mail fraud and one count of tax evasion, in advance of an indictment.

JUNE 8, 1995: Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker, his attorney John Haley and a former business partner, William Hicks Jr., are indicted on various charges. Tucker is convicted May 28, 1996, of fraud and conspiracy; Marks pleads guilty on Aug. 28, 1997; and Haley pleads guilty to one misdemeanor count.

AUG. 17: James and Susan McDougal are indicted on multiple counts of fraud and conspiracy. Both are convicted on May 28, 1996, he on 18 counts, she on four. (In March 1998 James McDougal died in prison while serving a three-year sentence.)

FEB. 20, 1996: Perry County Bank owners Herby Branscum Jr. and Robert Hill are charged with 11 counts related to using bank funds to reimburse them for campaign donations. Both were acquitted on four counts. The jury was unable to decide the rest.

MARCH 23: First Whitewater grand jury expires.

MARCH 25: David Hale, a former Arkansas municipal judge and key witness against other Whitewater figures, is sentenced to 28 months and ordered to make restitution of $2.4-million.

MAY 7: Second grand jury is impaneled in Little Rock.

SEPT. 19, 1997: Third Whitewater grand jury is impaneled in Washington.

APRIL 30, 1998: Webster Hubbell receives his second indictment, a 10-count charge that includes mail fraud and tax evasion, from the Washington grand jury.

MAY 4: Susan McDougal is indicted by the second Little Rock grand jury on three counts: two of criminal contempt and one of obstruction of justice.