Teens get lengthy sentences in killing

Published Oct. 11, 1998|Updated Sep. 14, 2005

Despite the appeal of family members, two teenagers who played a part in the killing of a Canadian student on spring break during a botched robbery received lengthy prison sentences.

Scott Russell Malone, 18, wiped away tears after a judge sentenced him to 13 years in prison Friday. His mother cried uncontrollably.

William Marshall Schmidt, also 18, was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

Both teenagers apologized for taking part in the killing of Mark Fyke, 18, of Belleville, Ontario. They were with John O'Neal Rainey March 15, 1996, when Rainey shot Fyke in the back of the head just after Fyke finished talking to his mother on a pay phone.

Fyke was visiting Daytona Beach on spring break with 40 of his classmates.

Last year, Schmidt, of Astor, and Malone, of Umatilla, pleaded guilty to attempted armed robbery.

Rainey, 19, of Umatilla, was convicted of the murder in July and sentenced in August to life in prison without the possibility of parole.