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Published Sep. 28, 2005

(ran TP edition)


The Last of the International Playboys (8 p.m., Sugar Palm Ballroom, 2015 N 15th St., Ybor City, $8 ages 21 and up, $10 ages 18-20). The swing revival still has some life left in it, so tonight they're gonna party like it's 1955. The Last of the International Playboys are a mainstay at the Sugar Palm. As with most swing bands, the Playboys are formulaic. They're also tight, well-oiled and swingin'. The spacious club offers free dance lessons from 8 to 9 p.m. so you can strut your stuff when DJ Matt Mikas and the band kick in. As always, proper dress (or "costume," as some refer to it) is required. Call (813) 248-5549.


A Prairie Home Companion (6 p.m., WUSF-FM 89.7, free). Slow down, chill out and maybe even stay home to listen to the radio for the new year's edition of A Prairie Home Companion. For the two of you who haven't heard Garrison Keillor's long, long, long-running radio show, this would be a great opportunity. (Keillor veterans may have heard this one before, though. It was originally broadcast in 1996.) The radio show's name connotes backwoods, but the smarts are undeniable and the down-home commentary and humor reach far into the seedy underbelly of any city. This new year's rerun features Broadway singer Victoria Clark, opera singers Jan Grissom and Julian Patrick, the Wayne Hancock Band and Guy's All Star Dancing Band. Good family fun. Call (800) 741-9090.


Underwater with American General, Larvae (10 p.m., Fortunate One, 1902 E Eighth Ave., $5 ages 21 and up, $8 ages 18 to 20). Along with the less eclectic 403 Chaos, Fortunate One has been Tampa's biggest supporter of local alternative music in recent months. Hosting everything from hip-hop to the psychedelic rock of the Boats to the edgy, trumpet jazz of Action Figure Casualties, Fortunate One is one of the only places to D.I.Y. (you know .


. do it yourself). This show features the electroni-mope, post-goth sounds of Underwater, containing members of the former Rosewater Elizabeth. American General is a young man confused by the electronic/acoustic sounds he makes, yet he turns that confusion into inspired, noisy beauty. Larvae is an Underwater side project. It's some pretty heady, progressive stuff for around here. Call (813) 241-2582.