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Freeman becoming rich man

Antonio Freeman, who should become the league's highest-paid wide receiver in the off-season, will be the focal point of the 49ers' defensive scheme Sunday.

He wants it that way.

"It's a whole different season right now, loser goes home," said Freeman, who led the NFL in receiving yards despite missing a game with a fractured jaw.

"I'm going to keep working regardless of whether I'm doubled or singled. I'm going to work my butt off to get open and sure, if I'm open, I'll get the ball."

Brett Favre throws to him often. And injuries to Dorsey Levens, Robert Brooks, Derrick Mayes, Raymont Harris, Travis Jervey, Bill Schroeder, Mark Chmura, Tyrone Davis, Jeff Thomason and Corey Bradford make Freeman's accomplishments all the more amazing.

With 84 catches for 1,424 yards and 14 touchdowns _ career highs _ Freeman was named a Pro Bowl starter last week and earned his first All-Pro selection Thursday.

Although the Packers almost certainly will name him the franchise player, Freeman is seeking a long-term deal worth about $25-million. Minnesota's Cris Carter recently signed a similar deal.

"Despite constantly being double-teamed, he dominated most games." said Joel Segal, his agent.

He dominated the 49ers on Nov. 1 at Lambeau Field, when he beat Marquez Pope and Merton Hanks for touchdown plays of 80 and 62 yards.

Yet Freeman said he's having a hard time believing he's All-Pro.

"It just seems weird to crack the barrier of a Jerry Rice, Michael Irvin, Herman Moore, Cris Carter, the every year Pro Bowlers, All-Pro team guys," Freeman said. "I think it's just a tribute to the confidence that this organization and my teammates have in me and the hard work that I've put in. I feel like I've come 25 miles walking with bare feet.

"I'm going to go home and call my family and tell them and they're going to scream and holler. We're all going to scream and holler."