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Many people aren't thinking of anything more than finding a hangover relief this morning. The new year is merely a blur from last night's revelry in their minds.

No problem. We have found the big stories of 1999 before they happen. It was just a matter of calling local psychics and astrologers. We put to them the questions of the hour and _ presto! _ the future is here.


Lisa Cohen, 38, of Tampa, is the owner of 7th Heaven Psychic Cafe, 1725 E Seventh Ave., Ybor City, (813) 242-0400. She has known she was psychic since the age of seven. "(You) start knowing things are going to happen before they happen. Then you go.


. oh no, oh, that's scary. Then for about five or 10 years you try to run from it, then finally you give up and go okay, I'm psychic, what can I do?" Before opening the cafe last year, Cohen had a 15-year radio career, most recently as UTurn Laverne of Florida Traffic Service as heard on Q105 Country.

Andrea Mancuso, 40, St. Petersburg, works as a psychic at 7th Heaven Psychic Cafe. She was a hairdresser before going to work at the cafe last year. Mancuso specializes in numerology, Chinese astrology and intuitive psychic abilities. She first discovered her psychic abilities at eight years old, when her dreams started coming true.

JoAnne Gregory, 47, Odessa, is an astrologer who works Tuesdays at Treasures Metaphysical Bookshop, 4355 W Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, (813) 287-2665. At 41, she had a dream that led her to study astrology. In the dream, she and her father "were walking down the street together. He was blind in life and always held my arm when we walked . . . The sidewalk ended and he kept going. It shocked me because he never walked alone. He walked across this field and he headed toward a bridge. He kept going and never looked back." Gregory spent the next day with her father; he died the following day. Gregory is an ordained minister of Spiritual Science through the Rev. Beverly Field's Metaphysical Academy, formerly in Tampa.

Diane L. Chamberlain, 52, Tampa, holds master's degrees in philosophy and counseling and works as a psychic and astrologer from her home by appointment (813) 265-8072. She was ordained a minister in 1985 of the International General Assembly of Spiritualists, Cassadaga. Chamberlain leads a metaphysical book club the fourth Thursday of each month at Barnes & Noble, 11802 N Dale Mabry Hwy., Carrollwood. January's book is Conversations with God, Book I, Neal Donald Walsch.


Q: Will President Clinton be forced from office in 1999?

LISA COHEN: "There's going to be a war so (the impeachment) is not going to matter. I've studied Saddam (Hussein's astrological) chart for a long time. His chart is so similar to Hitler's it's not even funny. He's a Taurus, the Earth is in Taurus, Hitler was a Taurus. (Hussein) can't handle the (universal) energy (at play in his chart). After March, he's going to go . . . ballistic."

JOANNE GREGORY: "Hillary and Bill have a lot of loss this year. Astrologically, the planetary influences are similar to that of a death. That is not to suggest that I think they are going to die, (and) I don't think they're going to leave office . . . They're really miserable, both of them. Hillary will increasingly become more and more admired. Her dignity is assured. I also think that she will be much less visible. I think she will drop out of sight in about 18 months. It will be her own choosing; it could be an illness."

DIANE CHAMBERLAIN: "Clinton's going to stay in the presidency. And, by the way, if he resigns, I'll go work for Joe Redner. He's not going to resign; it's not going to happen. All you need to do is look at his horoscope. This (the presidency) is what he lives for."

Q: What's in store for Tampa? Will we get the Olympics in 2012?

DIANE CHAMBERLAIN: "I think we're going to start developing that area down by the aquarium a lot. Not this year, we're talking about maybe five, six years down the road. They're going to try to turn Ybor City and the area by the aquarium into a little Bourbon Street."

LISA COHEN: "Will Tampa get the 2012 Olympics? Yes. When they see our stadium, they'll want to move in themselves. I think there will be a lot more movies made here. I there's a big entertainment group coming in . . . I think DreamWorks may move in."

ANDREA MANCUSO: Movies will be made "right here in Ybor. I think they (will be) western type movies. Like cowboy stuff coming back from the John Wayne days."

JOANNE GREGORY: "I did a lot of work on Tampa. I did get a birth date on Tampa, so this is astrologically based. Tampa's birth date is July 15, 1887 (according to the current city charter and seal). The 2012 Olympics? No, but a great deal of experience will be gained by those doing the negotiating. I don't think they'll make the one after that, but the following one, I think (there will be) big doings. About 2020. That looks like an incredibly public time for Tampa. And I know that's way, way, far away. The world could end before that, but the way it looks right now . . ."

Q: Will Prince Charles marry Camilla Parker Bowles?

DIANE CHAMBERLAIN: "Queen Elizabeth is not going to die and she's not going to stand aside. So, Prince Charles will not become king until she dies, which I do not see in the near future. I think Prince Charles learned from Diana to be a warmer, more involved person. I think his popularity will begin to increase. . . . (He) will make himself more available to the people. He will never marry Camilla, he can't. If he wants to be king . . . it's just not going to happen."

JOANNE GREGORY: "He'll be granted permission to marry Camilla. Soon, I think by the end of the year. Because of that, Prince William will be declared the heir apparent. (Charles) is going to have to sacrifice (the kingship). I think he's incredibly frustrated. He's very tired of being under his

mother's thumb. He'd much rather just let it go." (Gregory credits this prediction to her teacher, author Noel Tyl.)

Q: Real estate or stock? Where to invest?

LISA COHEN: "Real estate is going to go through the roof. Any stocks involving the earth will go through the roof. This is a really good earth time . . . in other words, it's good for earth stocks, real estate, anything having to do with products developed from the earth."

DIANE CHAMBERLAIN: "I think local real estate will continue to grow. People (are) moving back into the Seminole Heights area. One of the reasons is they don't want to go through a lot of commute time . . . At some point in time, not within the next 10 years, I think that Orlando, Lakeland and Tampa, along the I-4 corridor, will become one big megalopolis."

Q: Who will win the Oscar in 1999 for best actor?

JOANNE GREGORY: "I would pick Tom Hanks for Saving Private Ryan. I would pick (that film) as best picture, also."

LISA COHEN: "Anthony Hopkins for Zorro. He was fabulous, unbelievable. He has mastered, you know how actors take one very slow motion, keep the still shots. He's mastered the still to almost a t."

Q: What else do you see looking ahead? Any other wisdom?

ANDREA MANCUSO: This is "what the '90s do in numerology, this is an ending, a getting rid of places, people and things that have no more use or value. The year 2000 brings in love, partnership, people working together . . . At the end of 1999 (the world is) getting ready to clean away all the old debris and getting ready for all the new beginnings. A whole new rebirth of the way the world has to start, people working together."

DIANE CHAMBERLAIN: "2000 will see a Democratic congressional majority and a Democratic president. In other words, what I think is going to happen to the Republicans is they're going to get a backlash . . . (because people) are going to see the Republican party delving into somebody's private life as a threat to our individual liberties."

JOANNE GREGORY: "Values are very challenged in our country. We're really looking for a whole new way of looking at . . . our social mores. This is kind of a long shot, but I think there's a possibility that a new spiritual leader could emerge at this time to help heal our wounded collective soul."

LISA COHEN: "Psychics are normal people. You're psychic, every single person who walks the planet has the ability to be a psychic. We all get information; it's then how you develop it and then what you do with it."