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Home developers expect good year

(ran PC edition of PT)

The people who live in these booming communities can expect a lot of new neighbors this year.

Just how many will depend largely on the economy. But developers up and down Bruce B. Downs Boulevard predict the region will continue growing at a feverish pace, with hundreds of new homes in Arbor Greene, Cross Creek and West Meadows alone.

In Arbor Greene, a brand-new community where 196 homes already have been sold, developers expect to sell at least 200 homes in 1999, said community sales director Teri McGinnis. Of those, about 120 are already built.

McGinnis expects 1999 to be the pay-off for the development's advertising campaigns. In 1998, she said, "we spent a good deal of time trying to get the brand name out."

In Cross Creek, developer Ed Andrews expects 200 homes to be built this year. He said he thinks all those homes will sell in 1999 because his company "is selling them as fast as they can build them."

West Meadows will see 250 more homes, said Harry Lerner, general manager of Atlantic Gulf Communities.

While there is little room to grow in Hunter's Green and Pebble Creek, Cory Lake Isles and the new sections of Tampa Palms are also bracing for another year of growth.