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Somebody say, midlife crisis?

Published Sep. 28, 2005

(ran TP edition)

So what gives with thespian Anthony Hopkins? Last month, the Welsch actor announced he was getting out of the movie biz, which he now finds "distasteful" _ whereby his agent went apoplectic, rushing to assure the industry that old Tony's got to be kidding. But the very married Hopkins has also taken up with another woman. She's much younger. Blond. Need we say more? Hopkins won't identify his girlfriend, noting that it's "nobody's business."

But what about his wife of 24 years, Jenni? "My wife knows," the actor insists. "We have an understanding. She is fully aware that I am a reckless wanderer. We are not planning to divorce yet." His blond distraction shouldn't get her hopes up, either. "It is not a complicated relationship," said Hopkins, 60. "I don't think I will be with my new lady for a long period of time. I am a loner by nature. I am not a gregarious person and prefer my own company."