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Times weather page offers more forecasts

Published Sep. 28, 2005

The Times today launches a new, expanded weather page.

Weather Watch, on page 16B, offers readers new graphics and more weather information in an easier-to-use format.

Among the features on the new weather page: a marine forecast, a report on weather at the nation's major airports and a report on pollen and mold intensity to help allergy sufferers. The weather page also has added temperatures and forecasts for more U.S. and international cities, including a new segment on Caribbean islands.

"One of the best-read pages of the newspaper is now even easier to use," said Managing Editor Neil Brown.

Space to add weather features became available when the Times decided to end its automated Timesline phone service. The weather page had included many Timesline access codes.

"Now we can use that space to give readers more useful information about weather, travel and air quality," Brown said.