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Dancing the night away

Published Sep. 28, 2005

(ran PW, PS editions)

By Toni L. Sandys

Emmy, 72, and Richard Artim, 68, of Port Richey dance to the songs of the good old days during a big band jam session at American Legion Post 335 in Hudson in September. This photograph reminds me of the "Americana" Norman Rockwell paintings I grew up seeing in Life magazine. The older couple look so in love and so alive dancing to the sounds of their youth.

Stretching to the limit

By Jack Rowland

I like this February photo of Edd Webb stretching his leg because it shows the courage of the former Gulf High School coach as he struggles to keep his body in shape despite his cancer. "The good Lord had something else in mind because I'm still hanging around," Webb said.

That's using your head

By John Pendygraft

Gulf High School junior varsity soccer player Mikel Heinen, 16, practices driving headers in November. I like this picture because it shows a fairly common situation in an unusual way.

Saying bye

By Toni L. Sandys

"There are kids in this class that I will remember forever," said Cotee River Elementary School first- grade teacher Whitney Duncan, as she gets a tearful goodbye from her student Kristen Smallidge in June. Taking this photo reminded me of my last day of school in the second grade.

Man's best friend

By John Pendygraft

Wayne Westenberger gives a dog named Dog a hug by his home in the woods off U.S. 19 in Hudson. If you met Wayne you would feel welcome and at ease because he is a warm, positive person despite his plight. I like this picture because it shows his personality.