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First baby played waiting game

Cradling her 8-hour-old son in her arms, Annette Graybill was still too exhausted to take in the fact that her baby was Pasco's first of the new year.

She had little energy for such thoughts: after 20 hours of labor, she gave birth to a 9-pound 13-ounce baby named Christian Patrick Graybill. The Zephyrhills baby came into the world at 5:23 a.m. at East Pasco Medical Center.

"That's pretty cool," Annette said, unsure of what to make of her son's distinction. "It wasn't planned, but looking back on it, that's pretty neat."

"I'm just glad he's healthy," added her husband, Billy, weary from fatigue. "That's all that matters."

Annette, 21, is a dispatcher for a heating and air conditioning company. Billy is a supervisor for a fluorescent lighting sales and service company. The couple rent an apartment in Zephyrhills, and Christian is their first child _ all 20 inches of him.

"Twenty hours of labor and a 9-pound baby," Annette said, still marveling at what she had been through. "I refused to ask anyone about his weight. Once I found out, I was in shock . . . my doctor was in shock."

A nurse popped in the hospital room to check on mother and child. Annette had fainted in the morning from lack of food and sleep.

"How's the baby?" she asked. Christian, swaddled in a blanket, slept soundly after having his first lunch: 3 ounces of infant formula.

"He's been grunting and singing," mom replied.


"He's got a little bit of fluid in his lungs," Annette said. "Every now and then, when he breaths, he makes this humming noise."

Family friend Daryl Gold, whose 3-year-old son crashed on the sofa next to Annette's hospital bed, added his thoughts on the baby boy.

"I say linebacker at (University of) Florida, but he likes North Carolina," Gold said, predicting Christian will take after his father, a stocky, 6-foot-tall ex-high school football player.

Billy, too tired for humor, strained a smile: "I'm just glad he's here and healthy."