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Officers disciplined in abuse inquiries

(ran SS edition of METRO & STATE)

Arrests on domestic violence charges have led to the suspension of a veteran Pinellas County detention sergeant and the firing of another sheriff's employee.

Donald Carroll, a detention deputy for 17 years, was suspended recently for 10 days and demoted. He also was ordered to complete an alcohol treatment program.

Internal affairs records show Carroll's wife, also a detention deputy, reported to work with bruises on her face after calling in sick for two days. When her supervisors questioned her, she said her husband hit her during an argument after they had been drinking.

Carroll was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery. He has pleaded innocent.

An arrest by St. Petersburg police on domestic battery charges resulted in the firing of Eddie L. Allen, a criminal justice specialist who operated security gates at the jail.

According to records, Allen was hired in June and had not completed his one-year probation when he was arrested in November. He was accused of hitting his wife before a neighbor intervened.

In other recent disciplinary action, detention Lt. Joseph H. Gerretz retired during an investigation into allegations that he was involved in a fight outside an Indian Shores bar and delayed reporting it to his supervisor.

Records showed he was a victim in the fight and had to be treated for injuries. Gerretz was a detention employee for 21 years.