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Shamans: Clinton will survive impeachment

President Clinton will survive the impeachment crisis and serve out the remainder of his term, according to a group of Peruvian shamans.

The shamans, descendants of the Inca empire that once ruled Peru, said they based their predictions on visions brought on by drinking a brew made from a jungle vine _ a hallucinogen they say has religious, curative and extrasensory powers.

"Clinton will survive, but Monica (Lewinsky) will suffer because she writes a book and the truth of it will be challenged," said Juan Osco, after spitting some of the herb mixture over pictures of Clinton, Lewinsky and other famous people.

The ceremony, which involved eight soothsayers, takes place each year on top of a hill overlookin Lima. It is used to bless the new year and appease the god Apu.

Pope, Billy Graham rank among "most admired'

Pope John Paul II and the Rev. Billy Graham were named the second and third "most admired" men in a Gallup Poll that ranked President Clinton at the top of the list. Clinton was named by 18 percent of those surveyed, marking the sixth straight year he has received the designation. The pope received 7 percent of the votes, while Graham was cited by 5 percent of those polled.

The rest of the top 10 most admired men were: Chicago Bulls basketball star Michael Jordan ; Sen. John Glenn of Ohio ; retired Gen. Colin Powell; former presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush; South African President Nelson Mandela and computer software billionaire Bill Gates.