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Published Sep. 28, 2005

LOCATION: 4320 Bay to Bay Blvd., Tampa, (813) 831-5673

LEADERSHIP: Stuart Fabricant, 57, founded the congregation seven years ago as a lay Jewish believer in Yeshua, Jesus' Hebrew name. Fabricant owns Health Insurance Services (HIS) Assurance, a health insurance business that permits him to witness his faith. He has been married 17 years to Dee. They have four adult daughters and two grandchildren. Rabbi Steven Weiler, 51, was ordained through Beth Yeshua Messianic Synagogue, Philadelphia. He began working part time at the congregation in September and will move to full-time status in a few months. He is training his replacement as principal at Chalutzim Academy, Philadelphia. He has been married to Pat for 28 years. They have two daughters.

SERVICES AND PROGRAMS: Services include an 8 p.m. Friday Shabbat service, a 7:30 p.m. Wednesday midweek prayer service and a couples ministry at 6:30 p.m. on the second Saturday of every month. Plans include a Torah service, youth services and counseling meetings once Weiler is on staff full time.

HISTORY: Fabricant started the congregation seven years ago as a once monthly fellowship meeting. After three years of meeting monthly in space provided by Calvary Chapel of Tampa, the congregation began meeting twice a month. For the past two years, they have met every week at a storefront they owned on Armenia Avenue. They moved in August into space donated by House of Hope Worship Center on Bay to Bay Boulevard.

RECENT SERMON, TOPIC OR THEME: Unity, how to get along with the world, how to be a light to others, how to reach out to their own.


OUTREACH TO THE COMMUNITY: The congregation is awaiting Weiler's full-time arrival before beginning outreach programs.

NOTABLE: "(Our congregation is) open to Jewish and non-Jewish people who want to experience God in a personal way, through Yeshua, their messiah. I think the purpose (of our congregation) would be to bring unity to not only Messianic congregations, but also between us and the Church and us and the Jewish community. . . . We try and live by the Bible, by scripture," Weiler said.