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Two injured by car bomb in South Africa

A car bomb exploded Friday in a parking lot of the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, one of South Africa's major tourist attractions. Two passers-by were slightly injured.

Police sealed off the outdoor parking lot, about 100 yards from a shopping mall at the waterfront, while search dogs sniffed cars to assure there were no other explosives in the area.

The Toyota Corolla that apparently contained the bomb was destroyed in the blast, which also heavily damaged several nearby cars. Smoke was still rising from the site an hour after the blast and shards of debris were scattered on the pavement.

Thousands of people were at the waterfront's bars and restaurants when the bomb went off at 6:55 p.m.

"We have been very, very lucky that this was not more serious," said police Capt. Jacques Wiese.

Two men, both South Africans, were slightly hurt in the explosion, police said.

The explosion comes four months after the bombing of a Planet Hollywood restaurant at the waterfront, which claimed two lives.

There have been no arrests in the Aug. 25 attack. A caller to a radio station had claimed responsibility on behalf of a Muslim group, but the group later disavowed any part in it.