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A sign of things to come

Construction on Citrus Park Town Center, a mere three months from completion, has finally come down to the fine points.

On Wednesday, semitractor trailers from Minnesota rolled into the parking lot off of Sheldon Road where workers unloaded hundreds of signs, placards that will direct shoppers to everything from restrooms to the food court.

"It's the first sign of the finishing touches to go on the mall,"said Eric J. Almquist, manager of Citrus Park Town Center.

The mega-mall on Sheldon, just west of Gunn Highway, will house 120 stores built along a gently curving "Main Street" concourse. Each of those stores will contract for its own sign, but the rest of the mall will have signs supplied by Nordquist Sign Company., Inc., of Minnesota.

"Except for the tenants, we're doing all the signs, in and out, and the food court," said Gary Dormanen, Nordquist's project manager for the Citrus Park mall.

The center of the mall, or the heart of town, will be marked with street signs, pointing the way to E Main Street, W Main Street and Citrus Boulevard. The side streets will be Dillard Avenue, JC Penny Avenue, Sears Avenue and Burdines Avenue, again, the handiwork of Nordquist.

_ Jackie Ripley