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After delay, school shows signs of life

The long-awaited Westchase Elementary School will open its doors Tuesday, after students and staff spent the first half of the year in portable classrooms on the Lowry Elementary campus.

Some parents were angered earlier this year when they learned of the delay in opening the school building. Last spring, construction fell behind because of weather, labor shortages and the school contractor's financial difficulties.

The move was further delayed because, even though the school building would be ready sooner, school officials said it would be too disruptive to move students before the winter holidays.

Crowding on the Lowry campus meant that some students ate lunch at 10 a.m.

As they prepare for the upcoming move, teachers went to the new school to set up their bulletin boards. The faculty was scheduled to go to the school Saturday to put the final touches on the school.

On Tuesday students will board 14 buses at Lowry Elementary. The motorcade will take them to Westchase, where they will be greeted by a drum corps and balloon arches. Students will also sing the new school song.

"We're just having a great time," assistant principal Karen Bass said.