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Best way for Bucs to succeed: Keep Dilfer

During the Cincinnati game, the commentators made reference to Trent Dilfer's future as Bucs quarterback. Before trading him, let's take a minute to contemplate the careers of other "disappointing" quarterbacks who have played in Tampa:

Doug Williams _ took the Redskins to a Super Bowl.

Steve Young _ took the 49ers to the Super Bowl.

Vinny Testaverde _ has anyone watched the Jets lately?

Chris Chandler _ the Falcons are 14-2.

All these quarterbacks developed into leaders. If we release Dilfer, what will we have? Another rookie who will need four years to develop. What will another team acquire? A quarterback, having realized his strengths and limitations, who is ready to take charge. Dilfer is our best bet.

Lisa Rhea, Tampa

Bucs are a gem

Thanks to the entire Bucs organization for this season. The team has made great strides in the right direction. The stadium is second to none, and the Bucs have shown that they will be a team who can make it to the next level. To the armchair QBs and radio sports shows who rip the Bucs, all I see are a bunch of guys who never strapped on a helmet or washed jock straps. We have a jewel in the Bucs. Don't lose sight of it.

Patrick McCusker, Dunedin

Hire a QB coach

Will someone please tell me where the innovative play calling in the first quarter of the Bengals game was all season. It's third and 1 from midfield and Mike Shula calls a play-action pass that turns into a TD. Sure, the Bengals gift-wrapped several possessions, but it was obvious Shula felt the fire under his seat all afternoon.

Tony Dungy should hire a QB coach to train Dilfer on quick reads and timing. It's obvious that's where he needs the most help. We are better than 8-8. Next season we have to prove it.

Ian Cohen, Clearwater

Rays help community

I want to commend the Devil Rays on their outstanding support of Little Leaguers in the Tampa Bay area. We have received several reports on the rapport that has developed between the Rays and dozens of chartered Little League programs serving more than 10,000 children. The Rays also proved to be outstanding supporters of the Little League Southern Regional Center in Gulfport.

I know St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay area waited a long time for the baseball season that just concluded. Please let your readers know that from all indications at the home of the Little League Baseball World Series in Williamsport, Pa., it was well worth the wait.

Stephen D. Keener, president and CEO,

Little League Baseball