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Realtors: Thanks for Habitat help

Editor: The Hernando County Association of Realtors, in cooperation with Habitat for Humanity of Hernando County, wishes to thank all of the people involved in making our initial fund-raising effort a great success.

In seven weeks, the HCAR and its supporters raised almost $7,000 in raffle ticket sales and other fund-raising events, all of which benefits Habitat for Humanity of Hernando County. To the many people involved, we wish you and your families a most joyous and happy holiday season.

The HCAR and Habitat look forward to our yard sale, which will take place Jan. 30. For information, call the HCAR at 799-1971, Habitat at 596-6600 or Showcase Real Estate Group at 666-9500.

John L. Kouba, on behalf of

HCAR Habitat for Humanity

Motorcycle crash coverage was trashy

Editor: Re: Dec. 25 article and photograph Head-on crash kills motorcyclist:

After reading the article by staff writer Robert Farley in the Hernando Times, I rank you right up there with all the rest of the newsstand trash publications.

How nice it must have been for the accident victim's wife and two children to open the newspaper and see the photograph of their loved one's helmet in the foreground and his body being loaded onto a gurney in the background. Couldn't photographer Maurice Rivenbark have placed the helmet closer to the body to highlight more of the victim's trauma?

And why didn't Mr. Farley follow up with the traditional paparazzi-style interview of the survivors early on Christmas morning?

Shock journalism has arrived in Hernando County.

Ed McDougall Sr.

Spring Hill

Garden club expresses gratitude

Editor: The Spring Hill Garden Club wants to thank everyone who donated poinsettia plants in memory of loved ones. They were planted and look beautiful at the waterfall entrance to Spring Hill Drive at U.S. 19.

There were 130 plants donated by the community and planted by the club members. Thanks again to everyone involved.

Howard Wolf

Spring Hill Garden Club

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