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Adrift in an ocean of parrotheads

You know those adults who are always dressed formally in their business suits during the day? Well, don't expect that at a Jimmy Buffett concert. Those so-called adults wear crazy shirts and hats in the presence of Jimmy Buffett. Yes, I'm talking about the same adults Buffett calls "parrotheads." At a recent Buffett concert at the Ice Palace I saw cheeseburger yo-yos, shark fins and fake parrots on some of the hats. My head felt so bare!

Jimmy Buffett is a popular singer with adults, and he packs arenas across the country. He has been performing for more than 30 years and has a book out called A Pirate Looks at 50.

When my dad told my sister and me that we were going to the concert, we were semi-excited because at the time, 'N Sync was in town and we wanted to go see it. My dad, being a passionate Jimmy Buffett fan, thought we would be really excited.

Even though the adults seemed to be having fun, it wasn't as exciting as I thought it would be. I couldn't see Jimmy Buffett that well because everyone was standing up the whole time with their big hats on. When I got up on the chair, the security lady told me to get down.

Fortunately, there were two big TV screens so you could see Jimmy Buffett. I couldn't hear one word clearly because everyone in the audience responded so loudly. Overall, we had pretty good seats. They were on the floor, but too far back for us to see Jimmy Buffett very well. I don't know how the second half of the concert went because we left early, and still got home after 11 p.m.!

Leah Lauber, 12, is in the sixth grade at St. Jude Cathedral School in St. Petersburg.