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Police think boy died playing Russian roulette

A 12-year-old boy died after police say he shot himself in the head while apparently playing Russian roulette.

Timothy Jamel Hadley was at home with a 15-year-old friend when he aimed a .38-caliber handgun at himself, Palm Bay police Detective George Santiago said Saturday.

Police think Timothy was playing Russian roulette Friday night because there was only one bullet in the chamber.

"It does appear right now that it is an accidental shooting," Santiago said. The handgun had been stolen, but police did not know who it belonged to, he said.

Timothy was taken to Holmes Regional Medical Center, where he died Saturday evening, hospital officials said Sunday.

Police were looking for the other boy, a homeless teen identified only as Anthony who police said is a witness, not a suspect.

Timothy's mother, Genelle Hadley, was visiting neighbors in the Brevard County community when the seventh-grader was shot, Santiago said.