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Recall overwhelms Honeywell

I returned a ceramic heater, sold under the Duracraft brand name, after receiving a recall notice from Honeywell Consumer Products. The notice said that Honeywell, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, was recalling about 1,650,000 of these heaters because they were a fire hazard. As instructed, my shipping receipt for $9.80 was attached, since Honeywell said it would reimburse the cost of returning the heaters.

I did not receive the promised reimbursement. I wrote to Honeywell in July, but it has ignored my inquiry. Alex Jung

Response: Lauren Kuzara, assistant consumer relations manager for Honeywell Consumer Products in Southborough, Mass., apologized for the delay. Your July letter was addressed to the warehouse, where there is no one who can respond to this type of inquiry. It was only forwarded to her in mid-December, she said.

Kuzara said the recall response has been strong and the company is working hard to keep up with the returned products, although there have been some delays. In the meantime, she is sending you a check for $9.80.

Order arrives

On Aug. 24 I ordered two replacement screens for my shaver from Remington Products in Bridgeport, Conn. I wrote to the company in November to inquire about my order but have received neither a reply nor my blades. Needless to say, my check was cashed! I am now turning to you for help. Thomas Nee

Response: Glad to, and thanks for letting us know you got your blades.

Refund lacks a few bucks

I ordered two each of magnetic knee supports and back supports from J.D. Marvel Products in Champlain, N.Y., in September. I sent a check for $31.95, which was cashed, but I never received the merchandise.

I called several times before reaching someone on Nov. 13. I asked that my order be canceled and my money refunded. The lady I spoke with first said the company could not send me a check, then that she would talk to someone about it. I still haven't heard a thing. Can you please look into this? Frances Nichols

Response: Thanks for alerting us to the fact that you received a check from the company for $28. We're inclined to agree with you that it does not seem fair that $3.95 was deducted from the amount you sent for postage for a product that was never shipped. We'll contact J.D. Marvel again about this.

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