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Movie: Star Trek: Insurrection

Rating: PG-13

Summary: The starship Enterprise is back, this time exploring the planet of the Ba'ku, a highly advanced tribe of a couple hundred citizens who never grow old because the radiation produced by the planet's rings reverses the aging process. When the Ba'ku race comes under threat, the Enterprise crew, led by Capt. Jean-Luc Picard, devotes its time to saving it.

Christina's view

Star Trek: Insurrection was a good movie overall but didn't quite measure up to the previous one, First Contact. This is because producers of the new movie tried to add in different elements, such as humor, that didn't come off too well.

Favorite part: When Commander Riker and the Enterprise were being attacked by the enemy ships, they absorbed some gas from a nebula and ejected it onto the other ship, causing an explosion.

Least favorite part: When Picard met Anij, they took a walk through the Ba'ku village and did nothing but talk and talk for an interminable time. Nothing meaningful was said.

Expectations: I pretty much expected it to be a better-good-than-bad movie that you might watch one more time. It was.

Recommendations: Unless you're not a fan of anything having to do with Star Trek, I'd recommend this as a decent movie.


Christina Austin, 14, is a ninth-grader at Countryside High School in Clearwater and a former member of the X-Team.

David's view

The beginning of this movie was very hard to understand (especially because I am not a Star Trek fan) and incredibly boring. However, midway it started to get interesting and by the end it was exciting.

Favorite part: The computer graphics and special effects.

Least favorite part: The beginning where it was tough to know what was going on.

Expectations: I expected a lot more from this movie than was actually delivered.

Recommendations: If you are a big Star Trek fan, then go see this movie. If you are like me and have no interest in Star Trek, you can wait for it to show up on TV or video.


Louis David Brown III, 15, is a 10th-grader at Boca Ciega High School in St. Petersburg and a former member of the X-Team.