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Welcoming 1999

How did you "party like it's 1999?" (Many of you were too busy planning your partying, apparently, to call us!) Of the 39 who called, 15 said they would be watching Dick Clark bring in the New Year on television, and 24 said they planned to kick off 1999 with friends, festivities and fun! Here are some ways callers said they would be spending time as the seconds ticked away to midnight:

I don't like to go to parties. I avoid them at all costs. I just like watching the weird ball thing come down. That's basically my New Year's Eve.

My name is Turbo, and I'll be celebrating the new year with my dad and my bowling ball. We're going to the bowling alley, and then after that I'm going to go home and park myself in front of the tube and watch the ball come down.

I'm gonna party, cause, you know, it's the end of the millennium, and it might be the end of the world too, cause, you know, the religious stuff is going on.

For me it is going to be the same old thing: Going down to The Pier for First Night. But the year 2000 _ now THAT'S going to be a party!

I'm bringing 1999 in with my friends at Busch Gardens!

I'm going to go out and party with my friends and drink a lot of soda, and drive my neighbors out of their homes with some good ol' Backstreet Boys music!

Yo! Me and my friend are going to party in the new year, but we won't go clubbing because he's not old enough.

Hey, this is the last year of the 1900s! We need to party really hard EVERY DAY because it's the end of one of the coolest centuries in history!