Lewinsky book finds new home in bargain bin

Published May 13, 1999|Updated Sept. 29, 2005

From Barbara Walters to the bargain bin. Two and a half months after the release of Monica's Story, the former White House intern's best seller has joined the ranks of the "remaindered," books offered at a big discount.

"It's a common approach that publishers use to try to boost sales of a hardcover that's lagging," Jim Milliot, business and news editor for the trade magazine Publishers Weekly, said Tuesday.

Monica's Story, easily the year's most-publicized book, came out in early March, the day after Walters interviewed Lewinsky on national television, and easily sold out its initial printing of 350,000, said John Murphy, director of publicity at St. Martin's Press.

Distractions available

for parents at 'N Sync

For all you parents who'll be toting your children to Friday's 'N Sync concert in Tampa, the Ice Palace will open the Sports Bar in the southwest corner of the building as a waiting area. The Sports Bar opens at 5 p.m., and closes after the show is over. Free coffee and snacks will be provided. There also will be a drop-off area at the half circle at the northwest side of the building on Channelside Drive.

National TV magazine

takes look at Bellush case

CBS' 48 Hours tonight looks at the mysterious case of Sheila Bellush, the Sarasota mother of quadruplets whose elder daughter found her slain in November 1997. Among those interviewed on the show are Bellush's ex-husband Allen Blackthorne, a suspect in the case; and Daniel Rocha, who was among those arrested for conspiring to kill her. The show airs at 10 p.m. on WTSP-TV Ch. 10.

Star chimpanzee won't be

leaving home in the end

Rocky, a chimpanzee who has appeared on CBS's Late Show with David Letterman and NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno, won't be leaving the Umatilla compound he calls home after all.

A South Florida man, whose name was not disclosed, made the winning bid in a bankruptcy auction for Rocky and 20 other animals without realizing that he had to have a license to own exotic animals.

Lacking the license, Rocky's new owner told Yvonne and Justin Finsers he would let them buy back Rocky and the other animals.

And they were able to after a wealthy central Florida couple anonymously donated $44,000 last week to the Amazing Exotics Education Center.

Woody Allen's adoption

shocks ex, Mia Farrow

Mia Farrow says she was shocked to learn that ex-lover Woody Allen and estranged daughter Soon-Yi Previn have adopted a baby girl.

"I don't know how the courts permitted this, especially in light of a judge not allowing Mr. Allen to see his own children," Farrow told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution before a lecture Monday.

"I'm frightened for that infant," she said. "I guess if you have enough celebrity, you can snow anybody."

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