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Published Sep. 29, 2005

"If I wasn't working for the Nets, I would have gotten one of my old Knick uniforms and limped out on the Garden court before a game last week. But I don't think my Nets bosses would have appreciated that."


Nets senior vice president, remembering when he did just that as Knicks captain before Game 7 of the 1970 Finals.

Question of the day

What is Jets coach Bill

Parcells' given first name?


Duane, as in Duane Charles Parcells, which somehow has become Bill. Or occasionally Tuna.

_ Compiled by John Strickhouser.

These fans are only

here for the leer

Though Wimbledon is generally regarded as the most important tennis tournament in the world, a day can't go by without the British newspapers running action photos of "Sexy Anna's knickers" peeking out from under her tennis dress. Reaching for a serve. Bending over for a shot. Slipping and sprawling in the grass. Look! Underwear!

Not that the leering attention is limited to Anna Kournikova. Here's how bad it gets: Over the weekend, the Daily Mail, which is a pretty reputable newspaper, actually ran a two-page, full-color "Derriere Quiz," which featured rear-end undies shots of no less than 11 female players, along with hints to match the tush with the tennis player.


Ask us

Q: Who were the players in Murderer's Row?

Jerry Ungerleider, Holiday

A: The lineup of the 1927 New York Yankees was Earle Combs, Mark Koenig, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Bob Meusel, Tony Lazzeri, Joe Dugan and Pat Collins.

Q: How does ESPN calculate the punches thrown and power punches during boxing matches?

Larry Brooks, Odessa

A: ESPN says Logan Hobson and Bob Conobio founded and operate CompuBox, which does the tallies. The two attend championship fights and, with keyboards in front of them, record every punch thrown. A power punch is any punch (left hook, straight right, etc.) other than a jab.