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Published Sep. 29, 2005

"They put me in intensive care Wednesday night and Thursday morning they were coming through there getting autographs."


Who was hospitalized last week because of a bleeding ulcer

Question of the day

What do Larry Bird, David Letterman, Carl Erskine, Jane Pauley and John Wooden have in common?


All are members of Indiana Living Legends.

A helping hand for

South-Central L.A.

New York Jets receiver Keyshawn Johnson is poised to launch a $53-million commercial retail center on 23 acres of neglected land in Los Angeles. Along with his partners in Capital Visions Corp., Johnson has worked on the project in relative secrecy for months and plans to unveil it July 20.

"That's the only time I'll have a break," he said. "In South-Central L.A., this hasn't been done in decades. I'm doing it because it needs to be done. And I know what it takes to get this thing done. I was born and raised here."

Anchored by nationwide companies such as Home Depot and McDonald's, Johnson said his proposed Chesterfield Square will bring 300 jobs to an area where young people are hungry for opportunities.


Ask us

Q: How many minor-leaguers have hit 60 or more home runs in a season?

Don Palen, Seminole

A: The Minor League Register lists nine players, one of whom did it twice. They are: Joe Bauman (72, Roswell, Longhorn League, 1954); Joe Hauser (69, Minneapolis, American Assn., 1933, and 63, Baltimore, International League, 1930); Bob Crues (69, Amarillo, West Texas-New Mexico League, 1948); Dick Stuart (66, Nashville, Southern Association, 1954), Moose Clabaugh, 62, Tyler, East Texas League, 1926); Ken Guettler, 62, Shreveport, Texas League, 1956), Tony Lazzeri, 60, Salt Lake City, Pacific Coast League, 1925) and Frosty Kennedy (60, Plainview, Southwestern League, 1956).


Paying the price

Sales are characterized as "booming" in the merchandise tent at the U.S. Senior Open in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Not much comes cheap. Baseball caps cost $26, golf shirts $65 or $70, a fanny pack is $10, an umbrella is $32 and a souvenir ball marker and greens-repair tool goes for $20.

"Nice products, a little pricey," said one shopper, Tim Davlin of Omaha. "I'll probably walk around the hats three times, complaining the whole time about the prices. Then I'll buy one."

_ Compiled by John Strickhouser.