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Agent: First-round pick found, will return to camp

Dimitrius Underwood skipped out on the Vikings to attend to a "family matter" and will return to training camp today, his agent said after finally tracking down the missing rookie.

"He called to inform me that he was planning to be back in Mankato tonight. He apologized for the way he took off without talking to anybody or asking for permission from the team or even letting me know or anyone else know that he was doing what he was doing," agent Craig Domann said Tuesday night.

"He had to deal with a family matter that had gotten to crisis proportions, and he had to take care of it. He is now focusing his energies back on football. I informed him that he would need to be talking to coach (Dennis) Green. He said he was looking forward to doing that either late tonight or first thing tomorrow morning depending on what time he got in."

Domann declined to go into specifics about the situation or Underwood's whereabouts.

Green wouldn't discuss Underwood's status after learning the rookie had been located more than 24 hours after his disappearance.

Underwood, a first-round pick, disappeared from camp Monday, worrying the team, his agent and his family.

Domann didn't hear from his client until Tuesday evening. Neither did Underwood's mother and brother in Philadelphia.

Underwood, a 6-foot-6, 276-pound defensive end from Michigan State, was the 29th selection in the draft. He signed a five-year contract Sunday for more than $5-million, including a partially deferred signing bonus of $1.75-million.

Domann dropped off his client at the team's dorm Sunday. Underwood, dressed in military fatigues, proclaimed: "I got the war fatigues, got the Army fatigues, got to go to war."