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Black hires agent to handle clients

Agent for Barry Sanders will oversee NFL player contracts for Tank Black's company.

Sports agent William "Tank" Black has chosen a high-profile agent to oversee his company's NFL player contracts.

David Ware, whose clients include recently retired Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders, will work with Professional Management Inc. as contract adviser, Black announced Tuesday.

The National Football League Player's Association proposed suspending Black's agent license for three years after determining his company made improper payments to college football players at the University of Florida, Louisiana State and South Carolina.

Black said he would appeal the ruling through the NFLPA's arbitration process. But he said he brought in Ware for the well-being of his clients. "I do not intend to allow these allegations, which are false, to be detrimental to PMI's clients," Black said.

Black maintains the charges against him are driven by professional jealousy and racism.

Athletes represented by Columbia-based PMI include Tampa Bay receivers Reidel Anthony and Jacquez Green, Jacksonville running back Fred Taylor and New York Giants receiver Ike Hilliard, all former players at Florida.

Ware said he has known Black for 15 years and respects what he has done for the industry. "I am especially looking forward to working to ensure that the company does not skip a beat in taking care of business for our players," he said.

Ware, of Atlanta, has represented athletes for 20 years, including Sanders since 1989.