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Red grouper fishing remains hot in deep water. Fish tipping the scales at more than 20 pounds are being caught on most trips out past 100 feet. Look for the larger fish to hang over the flat hard areas of bottom holding large bait schools.

Closer to shore, the bonita and Spanish mackeral fishing in the 40-foot range has been good. Watch the sky for diving birds to indicate feeding fish. A small spoon trolled through the areas with just enough weight to keep the lure in the water will be the ticket for success.

Shark fishing along the beaches will be good with the predators coming close to the beaches to feed on stingrays. A large chum slick put in the water a mile or so from the beach should get the sharks close to the boat for action. A large piece of bonita fished at or close to the bottom should get good results.

_ Joe Genovese captains the Sea Cap III out of St. Petersburg. Call (727) 341-1823.