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Collecting court judgment should not be a hassle

Editor: Re: Victim still waiting for closure, July 18 Citrus Times:

Being a retired businessman, I read with interest the story by staff writer Jim Ross on Amy Virgo and her quest for closure. It is sad that a person must go through the torture she has evidently gone through.

Although she has tried to use the system, the other person involved, Hall Hardaway Jr., has bucked the system. He gives honest businessmen a bad name by not adhering to the federal judgment on behalf of Ms. Virgo.

She won fair and square and she should have received her monies a long time ago. Instead, according to the article, she has spent seven years trying to collect.

It makes me angry as an American that things like this can happen and there seems to be no recourse for this young woman. I am sure others are in the same boat and we don't hear about them.

Thanks to the Times for trying to help by writing this article. It seems laws need to be changed, and it seems like common sense to me.

Lester Hood

Crystal River

Speak up for ecosystem

if you oppose parkway

Editor: A recent newspaper article implied that the Suncoast Parkway has been sanctioned to begin work. If this road goes through, it will have severe consequences on the delicate ecosystem of Florida. Shouldn't the average citizen have a voice in this decision?

All citizens interested in preserving the integrity of the ecosystem _ drinking water, endangered species and plants _ should express their concerns to Gov. Bush or their elected representative. We do not want to lose more environmentally sensitive land to the money-hungry people who are only interested in instant gratification.

Conscientious citizens should rise up and protest this action. Express your sentiments in any way possible. The Sierra Club and friends are fighting for your welfare, but they need your help.

Anne Beggs


Community ought to celebrate compassionate, devoted people

Editor: Re: Charity compliance laws need to be changed, July 29 letter to the editor by James MacIntosh:

Mr. MacIntosh has written a mighty letter which should bring tears to the eyes of readers. Unfortunately, he seems to have diminished the stature of the Libertarian Party, of which he boldly claims to be the chairman.

He laments being coerced to pay taxes to support the developmentally disabled in a shameful display of warped reasoning. He laments he must hear the pleas of those who toil in the vineyards of the developmentally disabled. They are forced to beg him (and the community) for money to cover government's shortfall. Mr. MacIntosh's criticism is further warped because he acknowledges the shortfall and still insults the efforts made by Executive Director Chet Cole and others at the Key Training Center.

Because this country showed severe ignorance and disregard for this tragic situation, it took a president of stature to raise our conscience to finally do something worthy. For that we should be grateful to John F. Kennedy. But we cannot go back to the cold, uncaring ways, despite the attempts by those like Mr. MacIntosh. If people do not feel pain in giving to destroy the innocent, to supporting troops in foreign countries, to protecting all kinds of wildlife and the stray dog down the street, to dispersing condoms to teens, to refusing the return of our money collected in excess taxes, then how in God's name can anyone feel pain in giving $5 or $1,000 to the Key Training Center?

Something is wrong here. The community ought to celebrate the fact there are compassionate and devoted people willing to do good for the angels among us. It is not always easy, but it is as rewarding as a completed work of art. If Mr. MacIntosh would like to try his hand at artistry, I am sure the people at the Key Training Center would be happy to evaluate his resume. Perhaps then, as a recipient of "pork," he might become a contributor to life rather than one who destroys their struggle.

George Muligano


Scouts spend hours cleaning up trash; don't dump on them

Editor: Recently, published comments have complained about plastic trash bags being left near the county-owned recycling bins set up at the Withlacoochee Technical Institute in Inverness. The complainant blamed the organization that oversees that site, local Boy Scout Troop 457 and Cub Scout Pack 457, for the litter.

The adult leaders of those groups are appalled at the way a handful of people in this county treat the facility. Parents and other volunteers associated with the Scouts have spent untold hours policing the site, picking up household trash, tires, car batteries, televisions and assorted other items and disposing of them properly, despite nearly a dozen signs asking those using the site not to leave trash there.

As for the "profit" the writer said is earned by the group overseeing the site, the money earned goes directly to help the nearly 60 boys ranging in age from 6 years to 18 years. It sends them to summer camp, purchases supplies for projects and helps finance numerous community-service activities.

If more of the neighbors would stop complaining and start writing down the license plate numbers of the offenders so that we could pass them along to the Inverness Police Department and the Citrus County Sheriff's Office, then possibly we could ensure the Scouts _ and the community _ will continue to benefit from such a program.

Come on, Citrus County, let's stop dumping on ourselves and take pride in our community.

Richard Newman


People who don't care could learn from Jan Glidewell

Editor: I would like to commend Jan Glidewell on his Aug. 1 column, Event shows gay pride has made serious strides on Suncoast:

With so much hatred in our society, Glidewell stands forth in our community as a voice for common human decency.

As someone who was raised in a very bigoted environment, I soon learned that hatred itself was my own worst enemy. I now accept people for who they are regardless of what our so-called differences may be.

I would urge those with preconceived notions of what a human being should be to closely examine their own life. When you are critical of yourself, you tend not to be so judgmental of other people.

One of the great philosophers of our century, Martin Heidegger, pointed to the fact that persons who "care" find validity and meaning to their own individual existence.

I believe that the reason for so much hatred is that so many people just don't "care." I am glad Jan Glidewell does.

Gary Bogard


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