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Fruit fly found in Deltona

A crop-damaging Oriental fruit fly trapped in Volusia County probably hitched a ride from Hillsborough County, where an outbreak was detected in May, state agriculture officials said Wednesday.

The male fly, snared in a grapefruit tree in Deltona, is the first detected outside the Tampa area, where a quarantine on fruit movement was imposed after 16 flies were trapped in three locations.

"We think it's an isolated situation," said Ned Davis of the state Agriculture Department's Division of Plant Industry.

The tiny fly turned up in a state-monitored trap on Friday. No additional flies have been found, even though more intensive trapping began during the weekend, Davis said.

Because Deltona is almost a straight shot from Tampa along Interstate 4, inspectors theorize that the fly was carried there by accident when someone moved infested fruit along the highway.

Mack has tissue removed

TALLAHASSEE _ U.S. Sen. Connie Mack had two small basal cell carcinomas removed from his back Wednesday at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland.

Both skin cancers were discovered during a recent routine examination by a dermatologist, Mack's staff said in a brief announcement.

The Fort Myers Republican returned to his Washington office following the procedure and resumed normal duties.

Mack has championed cancer research after numerous family encounters with the disease. His younger brother Michael died in 1979 from skin cancer. Mack's wife Priscilla is also a cancer survivor.

Mack, 58, announced in March he will not seek a third term.

Canoeists sue city

JACKSONVILLE _ A national canoeing group is suing the city, claiming its largest sewage treatment plant is polluting the St. Johns River.

The 35,000-member American Canoe Association is asking a federal judge to force the city and the Jacksonville Electric Authority, the plant's operator, to upgrade the Buckman Street sewage plant.

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