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Question: I love M+A+S+H," and I've seen almost every episode. What year did it start, and what year did it end? Did it ever skip a season?

Answer: M+A+S+H aired on CBS from the fall of 1972 until its highly rated season finale on Feb. 28, 1983, never skipping a season. Reruns of the show are now in national syndication on fX.

Question: Whatever became of television writer Stephen J. Cannell? He is so imaginative. I loved every story of his that I ever saw on TV.

Answer: The TV producer-writer has created or co-created about 35 TV shows, including Baa Baa Black Sheep, Rockford Files, A-Team, Commish, Wiseguy, Hunter, Silk Stalkings and Renegade.

In 1995 he turned author and has written several best-selling mysteries. His latest novel, The Devil's Workshop, will be out in September, and the author will hit the book-signing circuit. For more on the activities of Cannell, visit his Web site at

Question: The last time I saw A Martinez he was on L.A. Law. Before L.A. Law, he was on the soap opera Santa Barbara. Where can I see him now?

Answer: Soap Opera Digest says Martinez will soon return to daytime TV, this time on General Hospital. It's possible that he will join Linda Dano and other high-profile soap stars whose characters will move from one ABC soap to another. The network has not yet announced what character he will play.

Martinez has worked steadily since his L.A. Law stint as Daniel Morales (1992-94), both in movies and television. He has done several TV movies (A Memory in My Heart, Deconstructing Sarah).

During the 1996-97 season, he joined the cast of NBC's Profiler. For the record, the initial "A" in his name stands for Adolfo.

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