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Transformer blows, cuts power in South Tampa

An estimated 4,000 homes and businesses in South Tampa lost power for about an hour Wednesday morning when a transformer blew out at a substation near Swann Avenue.

Mike Mahoney, a spokesman for Tampa Electric Company, said power was restored about 10 a.m. by steering power from alternate sources into the substation.

The transformer was undergoing repairs Wednesday afternoon. A transformer reduces the voltage of electricity so it can be channeled into a home.

Animal shelter sees

drop in cat adoptions

TAMPA _ The staff at Hillsborough County Animal Services is facing an overflow population of cats and a shortage of families coming in to adopt them.

"Sadly, we're in the situation where we don't have the physical space. We have to euthanize animals that otherwise we could send off to a good home," said Bill Armstrong, director of Animal Services.

Typically, two to five cats are adopted every day from Animal Services, said Dr. Michelle Brush, the staff veterinarian. But as of Wednesday, only two had been taken to a new home in five days, possibly because families are thinking more about getting kids ready for school than finding a new pet, Brush said.

She said skinny or slightly sick cats that might normally be nursed back to health for adoption are being humanely destroyed.

"The animals I would normally go the extra mile for I haven't been able to because of lack of space," she said.

The cost of adoption is $9 for a spayed or neutered cat or kitten with a rabies license tag. Call (813) 744-5660 for information.