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Countryway wants its own identity

Editor: In response to Signs Create Identity Problems (Aug. 1), I was unaware it was an offense for a community to want to form its own identity. I am sure that when Town 'N Country was being built 30-plus years ago, the inhabitants were able to help decide how their area would be perceived. Why is it so wrong for us inhabitants of Countryway to desire the same opportunity?

Our concerns are new growth, not revitalization of an established area. There are eight maps with different boundaries for Town 'N Country! Although some Alliance members wanted to adopt the boundaries in their bylaws, I hope the County Commission would decide boundaries, not the Alliance.

Our children attend Lowry Elementary School, Stewart Middle School and Sickles High. Not one of these is in Town 'N Country. According to the Office of Neighborhood Relations, we fall under the mantle of Citrus Park. Since I moved here in 1993 I have been informed we are not part of Town 'N Country by pizza deliverers, furniture deliverers and Town 'N Country officials! Our phone prefixes are different and our zip code is different. We fall under the school district's area 3; they are area 2. Our Legislative district is 57; they are mostly 58. On the census track maps we are listed as Countryway.

There are many fine, upstanding, community-minded people who reside in Town 'N Country who have volunteered for countless years to help the county. The fact that we want to be considered a different geographical area is not intended as an insult or snub to them, but a quest by our community for its own identity and voice.

Valerie Adams


Column on SUV drivers was eye-opener

Editors: The Autar Kaw article (Guest Column, Aug. 1) on "SUV drivers" was a real eye-opener. I casually skimmed over the beginning and realized how important this information was and I really studied it, step by step, and tried to put myself in those situations. I just completed AARP driving classes _ they never mentioned it.

Bernice Povlick

Tampa Palms