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Navy Seabee Veterans of America lists new slate of officers

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New officers of the Navy Seabee Veterans of America Inc. have been announced.

Joseph Yanarella will serve as commander; Paul Rizzo, vice commander; Bob Lohrentz, secretary; Robert Vaughan, treasurer; and Warren Flading, chaplain.

New officers of the Navy Seabee Veterans Auxiliary are Helen Lohrentz, president; Maureen Vaughan, vice president; Gloria Jones, secretary; Rachael Rizzo, treasurer; and Anne Beake, chaplain.

The Navy Seabee Veterans of America is an organization of former and current Seabees, the construction force of the U.S. Navy. Membership is open to any Seabee, man or woman, reserve or active duty. The auxiliary is open to spouses, widows, widowers, and children of Seabees.

The New Port Richey Island X-17 meets the first Saturday of each month at the Piccadilly Cafeteria, Gulf View Square, Port Richey.

For information, call Paul Rizzo at 376-0178 or Gloria Jones at 847-2462.