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Northdale Web site is a hit that keeps growing

(ran PC edition of Pasco Times)

By Web site standards, the traffic isn't a whole lot to get excited about.

Then again, has been on the information superhighway only a few weeks, said its creator, Chris Cook. Give it time.

"We've already had 100 hits," said Cook, with extra emphasis on already.

That was two weeks ago That number, as of earlier this week, had inched up to 187.

Following other organizations in New Tampa and Carrollwood, Northdale has joined the ranks of a growing number of communities using the Internet to build connections between residents and neighborhood leaders.

Cook, an active board member and past president of the Northdale Civic Association, has been working on the Web site idea for a few months now. A computer professional, he thought Northdale could scoop up future home buyers with a presence on the World Wide Web.

"There are so many interactive things we could do on the site to get people in the community involved and deliver information to them in a timely manner," Cook said.

The Web site is more words than flashy graphics and photos (the only photos are the community's glass block and brick monument and a picture of county officials and community activists at the recent groundbreaking for the Northdale community center in Northdale Park), but Cook hopes to spiff it up later. For now, it provides crime statistics, lists deed restrictions, lists the members of the Northdale Special Tax District and civic association, and gives blurbs about community news.

"The thing is still developing and will be on a weekly basis," he said.

Cook arranged a deal with Gonzo Systems Inc. on Florida Avenue. The company will get free advertising space in the civic association's newsletter in exchange for hosting the Web site.

Cook welcomes suggestions for the site. He can be reached at

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