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Teen, 18, is arrested a second time

(ran PC edition of Pasco Times)

James Chambers, one of the youths who ransacked the home of a gay man last summer, was arrested Sunday morning on charges he barged into a backyard birthday party near his home.

Chambers, 18, was charged with attempted burglary and with resisting arrest without violence. In addition, he was charged with violating his three-year probationary sentence from last year's incident, which could lead to a change in that sentence. Chambers was being held at the Hillsborough County Jail without bail.

The birthday party, on Myrtle Ridge Road, was winding down after midnight when Chambers appeared over the home's privacy fence, said Joyce Richardson, the host. After Chambers was told to leave, he leaped over the fence, threatening partygoers, according to a sheriff's report. Deputies arrested him at his home after a brief struggle.