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Trellis trains the garden greenery

Trellises are ideal for climbing vines and roses, and, when combined with plenty of greenery and an adjoining picket fence, they make a charming addition to any yard or garden.

Here's an easy do-it-yourself trellis project for woodworkers of all skill levels, even novices. This latticework trellis beautifies the yard and garden and enhances a home's overall look, yet it takes only a day or two to finish.

The project stands about 8{ feet tall and can go over a backyard walkway, near a front entrance or along the side of the house. The framing is built from simple cuts of 2-by-3 redwood and 1-by-8 pine and the latticework from ready-made redwood laths.

The arbor trellis project requires just seven basic steps: Cut the wood to size, frame the sides, nail on the laths, build the archway piece (the "bonnet"), nail them together, apply paint or stain and plant the trellis in two 12-inch-deep trenches (no cement needed).

The Arbor Trellis plan, No. 613, is $8.95 and includes step-by-step directions with 11 photos, a full-size traceable pattern for the bonnet and a complete shopping list and cutting schedule. A package of four trellis plans, No. C120, is available for $21.95 and includes this plan plus three others. A catalog picturing hundreds of do-it-yourself projects is $3.95. Prices include postage and handling.

Please allow three to four weeks for delivery. For rush delivery, add $1 an item up to $3 maximum and allow seven to 10 days.

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