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Board member should have stepped down

Editor: Re: Top volunteer now faces ouster, July 26 news article by staff writer Robert Farley:

Once again, the Lentinis are given front-page exposure. Maybe they are as important as they claim to be. (We all had better listen up!)

It is well known on the beach that the Lentinis have a personal vendetta against the Sullivans. Your article made it sound as if the vendetta involved the Lentinis and me. Joe Lentini turned me in for not having a business license to sell my art. In anger, I retaliated with a complaint. Not nice; my mother would be rather disappointed in me. I wish Mr. Farley had called me to verify the facts before using my name in the story. I paint lighthouses, not birdhouses.

No one is beating Joan Lentini over the head except Joan. She has campaigned diligently to put all of this out for public view. We, on the other side, have not. Even the current issue of the Beachcomber is "plain vanilla." We had the chance to blast her and did not.

Joan Lentini was asked to recuse herself from a strategically important board meeting because of her conflict of interest. We could not allow her to undermine our endeavors. She, as president of the Coastal Hernando Business Association, led her members to support the Marine Industry Council's position regarding commercial vessels in residential areas. She left reluctantly and angry. Using all of her influence and energy, she waged a vicious and vindictive campaign to discredit and embarrass this association, its board of directors, its president, Cathie Sullivan, and our district commissioner, Paul Sullivan. These actions were totally against the conduct expected from a member of the HBPOA Board of Directors.

Joan Lentini also has threatened board members with a lawsuit. Thus the reason seven members of this board, by consensus, asked for her removal. It is not that she disagreed, it is what she did with that disagreement. Stepping down would have been the honorable thing to do.

Julia Jackson, Hernando Beach

Powell PTSA is ready

for a new school year

Editor: The Powell Middle School PTSA once again will focus on the needs, ideas and participation of our students. They are the reason we are here; they also can and should be active members of the PTSA.

We have spent many hours this summer planning in meetings and training, so this year will top our past efforts. Our Welcome Back Breakfast for the teachers and staff will be held on Wednesday. On Aug. 21, we will hold our first skate/dance of the year at Suncoast Skate Center. We will be at the open house nights, Aug. 24, 25 and 26, for sixth, seventh and eighth grades, respectively. Please take this opportunity to get acquainted with your child's school and our PTSA. It is our intent to make ourselves visible and available for you. Look us up, join the PTSA and let us know our work and dedication are not in vain. Watch the mail for the Powell Pulse; it will have more updated information.

Luke Schmitt, president

Powell Middle School PTSA

In time of need, she

found help from strangers

Editor: My husband, Herbert Cruz, while driving on Mariner and Landover boulevards, had a massive heart attack. In my time of distress, being alone and with nowhere to turn, I called to the people across the street. Then came along a young man and a woman named Barbara, who were very helpful to me and they both comforted me through this difficult time.

I want to thank those wonderful people; I wish I could give you all a hug and tell you how much I appreciate all your care and love and support to me. God bless you for your good work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and a special thanks to all the residents in Rainbow Woods; I will miss all of you.

Carmella Cruz, Spring Hill