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Hooligans plan fights on Internet

The English soccer season got off to a violent start as fans of Division Two clubs Cardiff City and Millwall fought in the city Saturday after apparently arranging the clashes via the Internet.

Fourteen people were hurt and six arrested during a day of violence as Cardiff followers fought some of the 700 Millwall supporters who went to the game.

According to police, shoppers cowered in terror as rival gangs of hooligans battled.

An Internet bulletin board contained a number of references to the Cardiff City-Millwall match, including details of where the violence would start and even a running commentary on the fighting.

One message said the fighting had begun and added, "Don't miss the tear-up of the year."

Another suggested a rendezvous for any hooligans looking for a fight: "11 o'clock Cardiff Central, where we go from there its up to u."

Earlier this week, the National Criminal Intelligence Service published its annual report, which highlighted the dangers posed by organized gangs of thugs.