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Jagr's comment amazes, appalls

I, as an American woman, was appalled to read a quote from Jaromir Jagr that, "(I) would never take an American woman. I would rather remain single until death."

As an avid hockey fan, I have had nothing but the utmost respect for Mr. Jagr. But I was amazed that he would make such a comment about the women in the country in which he not only plays, but has provided him with a financially secure and comfortable lifestyle (which has been paid for in part by the American women for whom he has such distaste.)

In a country where single mothers (as I am) have to work hard and be strong and independent to survive, I am saddened to hear one of my son's favorite players make such a disrespectful comment. Maybe Mr. Jagr should pack his bags, head back to the Czech Republic and find himself a subservient and submissive woman. Let's see how many millions of dollars they pay him to play hockey there. And I hope when the season begins, American hockey players will frequently remind him how disrespectful he was to every woman in this country.

Sandi Ledbetter

Port Richey

Ballgame can be affordable

I took my daughter-in-law and my 3-year-old granddaughter to see the Rays play Anaheim recently. The total cost was $40.

We avoided the parking fee by parking on the street within a block of the Gate 4 entrance. We got tickets for a total of $6 (two $1.50 tickets for over 55 and under 12 and a $3 seat), so you can't complain about the ticket price.

We ate at the stadium restaurant for $20.17 (plus tip), a meal that included nachos, a Caesar salad and chicken fingers for my granddaughter.

Our seats were against the stadium wall at the end of the first-base foul line. We could easily see all the action (although the distance did mean we couldn't challenge the ump's calls). It was roomy and nice not to have to worry about the 3-year-old bothering other fans. She made a friend with another little boy and they had a good time playing together.

We had two bottles of soda ($6), cotton candy ($2.50, I think) and a soft pretzel ($2.50). Total cost for three: $40.17. We had a wonderful time and, although the Rays didn't win, we felt like winners. You don't have to spend $125 to enjoy baseball.

Fred Yonteck


Stop complaining, Roberto

Regarding Roberto Hernandez's complaint that Devil Rays GM Chuck LaMar wasn't keeping him informed of his trade status as the deadline approached, I am sick and tired of million-dollar ballplayers who are supposed to be leaders of this team setting such a negative example for our younger players. I can't wait for Roberto to become the next great general manager.

Tom Muehlenweg

Temple Terrace

Ahead of the Camaro's new curves

I'm so happy to see in the "racing preview" section of the paper (July 29) a story on John Force and the kids with Chevy's new body design for the Camaros. It's nice to finally have a story "ahead" of the NASCAR boys. Keep up the good work.

Jim Dildine

St. Petersburg